Thursday, February 26, 2009

Maybe I can be a mother after all

So I was watching this special on camels last night, somewhat randomly, and it turns out that llamas are camels? In any event, there was a big section on llamas, which along with lemurs are my favorites animals ever. And I'm multi-tasking as is my wont, flipping through a cookbook, and I hear the narrator say, the head and the forelegs protrude from the mother's body. And I glance up, expecting to see mama llama on the ground writhing around, maybe with a nurse llama standing over her in a jacket and with a stethoscope, checking things out. But no, mama is just walking around, pausing to munch some grass, for all the world looking like nothing is going on in her vagina. Huh, I think, well it just goes to show that we medicalize the process of birth to the point where it is unrecognizable as a natural proc... and then the foal (calf?) just falls the hell out on the ground. Looks like a crazy header it takes too. And mama llama whips around, and I'm figuring she'll start licking or nuzzling or something. Instead, she draws back a foreleg and starts kicking the shit out of the thing. And the narrator goes, the mother immediately starts to encourage the baby to try out its legs. Dude! If someone's kicking me in the head I guess I'd try out my legs too!