Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm not looking at his face!

I have not been following the Olympics very closely this year (excepting the abuse of foreign journalists that is), but it would be difficult to miss the juggernaut that is Michael Phelps, even if I hadn't had age-inappropriate thoughts about him in Athens and was therefore following his career with some interest. He was chatting with one of the sports dudes on NBC last night, and although I knew he had won the eight gold medals I hadn't realized that he had won a race, gaining the gold and breaking a world record, while he couldn't see. Apparently something went wrong with his goggles and they began filling with water upon his entrance to the pool and continued until he was blinded. He was counting strokes on I believe the last two laps, hoping he would hit the wall correctly. And the kicker? He was upset from a "personal best" stand point, because he thought he could have done much better. That's some hardcore shit right there. Several times I turned to Feanor last night and yelled "He couldn't see." I also mentioned, with apologies, that if given half a chance I would have sex with Michael, to which Feanor wrinkled his nose and said, but he's so goofy looking! Please see post title.


Star said...

Hey, I wanted to link to you on SC, but Feanor hadn't "outed" you yet. Just for the record, I agree with him. The guy is goofy lookin. Great abs though.

poppy said...

Thanks Star! Abs are nice, but look at those shoulders!!!

Gillian said...

See, I don't think even his body is hot, since he has those freakishly long frog-like arms. They freak me out.

Hot, to me, was the gold medal men's epee bout, which not only happens to be "my" sport but also featured an incredibly hot Italian man versus an incredibly hot French man.

I seriously thought I needed a shower after watching that bout.