Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I suppose it is inevitable once one is an adult and has a ridiculously large house: we are hosting a holiday. True, we are hosting mostly because we have NFL Network, and the Eagles' game is on Thanksgiving night, but I still have to feed people. There are a few issues with this as I see it. Foremost is the small-ish oven-- I love having a wall oven, but space is at a premium. So i could conceivably get a turkey in there, but that would probably be it. So, since I like turkey on Thanksgiving, I have to find stove top things to go along with. I stumbled across these potatoes this morning, and believe they must be had. I also have a recipe for jalapeno cranberry sauce that I could subject everyone to, and my favorite Brussels sprouts dish is in a pan. I can make my no-knead bread ahead of time, and truly I should come off it and just buy a damn loaf. Which brings me to another issues: should I just buy most everything, and stop feeling like I have to make everything somewhat from scratch. Feanor votes yes, which was a slight blow to the ego, but I guess he'd rather I be relaxed and cheerful rather than crazed and covered in flour the day of. Either that, or he hates my cooking.

Speaking of cooking, I am in love with Sam the Cooking Guy. There are two episodes of Just Cook This on every Monday night right after I get home from my 5K class, and I just sit on the couch and drool for an hour. I'd probably do that anyway, but his manner amuses me, and the food looks very tasty. Also, my favorite: very quick cooking/preparing. The pork chops last night had me drooling for non-exhausted reasons. Maybe he'll do a Thanksgiving show...


feanor said...

Just for the record, I do not hate your cooking. Your first guess about wanting you to be relaxed is correct. :*

Also, hooray for turkey, potatoes, and bread! Oh, and stovetop stuffing.

Star said...

I love Thanksgiving. If I had my way I would take off for a week and clean and cook like a mad woman and set a table that would make Martha proud. But I work in the food business. I have done dinner totally from scratch, and with the help of Sara Lee. Here's what I know.
1. Your guests will love what you put in front of them. Dinner tastes better when someone else cooks it.
2. THe turkey is the easiest part, nd the star of the show. Go all out on that.
3. Everytime I try something new at Thanksgiving dinner it is mainly overlooked. Everyone wants that dish that means Thanksgiving to them. jalepeno cranberries sound interesting, but not traditional.
4. As for bread- I make my own but it is a speciality of mine , and a sweet bread. There would br protest if it were not on the table.
5. Deserts- I have done it both ways. Pulled all nighters on Wed. to produce more than anyone could eat, to thawing out Sara Lee. Either way works.You could ask people to bring some.

poppy said...

Thanks Star. I think I'll stick to the traditional (and the stuffing out of a box from the sound of it!).
I am slowly accepting that I am not Martha Stewart. It is a hard road.