Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Scared again

Thanks technology!


leona said...

Sweetie, I am going to suggest you stop reading about voting technology... just go into that voting office with an innocent naive air and cast that all important ballot that will totally make the difference in who becomes president. Of course, you might not make it past the voter rolls where your name, birthdate and voter number don't match and they won't let you vote. In which case, I suggest a voter card burning protest ala the vietnam draft card burners. Sound fun? :)

poppy said...

My god, at least I didn't get foreclosed upon in Michigan, or I'd really be screwed!

Speaking of setting fires, I'm considering burning my bra and moving to the Amazon. With me?

leona said...

I am so there. I have heard very good things about the Amazon... except for the cannibal tribes. Lets avoid them. Can I bring my cat?
PS-and a bra...I need to wear one so I will burn one of yours for symbolism and keep mine to wear. Although if we meet a cannibal tribe afterall I might be persuaded to take off the bra in an attempt to frighten them.